Use of cullet to reduce raw material and energy consumption

Between 2021 and 2022, Guardian Glass plants increased average cullet ratio (broken glass) from 16% to 19% in Rayong and from 15% to 21% in Nong Khae. For every 10% of cullet used in our processes, our energy demands are reduced by up to 3%.

PVB recycling

Our 6 European plants send excess PVB trims back to our suppliers for re-introduction into their manufacturing process, reducing waste and saving resources.

Local sourcing of raw materials

Where feasible, we strive to source the raw materials for our float batch at a regional level. (Mainly sand, soda ash, dolomite, limestone, salt cake and cullet).

For all of our European plants in 2022*, the majority of the batch raw materials used to manufacture our ExtraClear and UltraClear float production comes from suppliers within an 800 km radius.

(This is the distance considered to be regional in the LEED v3 rating. Our teams can provide specific Regional Material & Recycled content statements for you to earn LEED points on your projects). Some of our plants are even 100% locally sourced.

*Regional material content can vary over time

Responsible Resource Management

Our Nong Khae plant is Green Industry certified Level 2, since 2020.

The Green Industry certification is awarded by the Thai Ministry of Industry to companies who committed to an environmental improvement program, by focusing on development and continuous improvement in production process and environmental management.

Glass Futures™ – exploring energy efficient technology

As a founding member of Glass Futures, we are investing in a new pilot plant facility, The Global Centre of Excellence for glass in R&D, innovation and training that will define the technologies of the future in the float and global glass industry.

Projects of key interest to Glass Futures and its members include:

  • Development of alternative fuel technologies
  • Heat recovery, abatement and Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) demonstrations
  • Secondary raw materials for recycling
  • Raw material and cullet processing technology
  • New compositions and treatments
  • Next generation refractories

Energy efficiency during manufacture

Energy Efficiency is one of our five environmental priorities. In our Rayong and Nong Khae plants, we have made a concerted effort to implement several energy reduction initiatives. We have:

  • Replaced warehouse roof lamps with high-efficiency LED fixtures (in Rayong and Nong Khae)
  • Installed variable-frequency drives to control the speed of cooling fans on our float lines (in Rayong and Nong Khae)
  • Stopped running equipment that is not in use (in Nong Khae)
  • Installed a high efficiency air compressor (in Rayong)

Clear product information

All our products, across European, NA and AMEI regions carry up to date Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), so you can plan your projects with clarity and certainty.

In 2021 Guardian Glass became the first global flat glass manufacturer to offer UL Product Lens™ certifications, covering three global product categories – including commercial SunGuard® and residential ClimaGuard® coated glass products.

Within the Cradle to Cradle certification Guardian Europe has achieved an overall Bronze level v3.1 for its float, coated and laminated glass processes, and Gold level in the “Material Reutilization” category for float and coated glass, as well as Silver level for laminated glass.

Achieving environmental certifications

Guardian Glass experts can help you with tools, calculations, glazing configuration solutions & help in achieving your required certifications (LEED, BREEAM, WELL, etc.).

Our technical teams are here to help you see what’s possible.

Environmental design tools

Our suite of glass analytics tools includes an energy efficiency calculator and access to the latest Fenestra Pro tools.

Reduced road delivery transportation

We increased our glass transportation in the EU from 22 to 25 tons per truckload – an increase of +13% transported, reducing associated road traffic.

Regional manufacturing and efficient logistics

Our presence across regions helps to provide global glass solutions at a localized level.

Reducing operational carbon with glass performance

Our latest product solutions combine improved solar control, insulation and light transmission to help create living environments that require less air conditioning in hot environments, less heating when cold, and maximise natural light, reducing the need for artificial light.

Guardian SunGuard® Solar Plus Metal Grey

Guardian SunGuard® SNX 70

Net positive technology

Guardian has partnered with ML System S.A., a leading company with more than 13 years experience in Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) applications, to offer a complete range of BIPV product solutions.

Bird-friendly solutions*

In an evolving regulatory environment, we’re exploring several solutions that can help with this global challenge:

Frit on glass - a proven and economical solution that creates a patterned opacity that birds can see more easily.

Etched glass – often the preferred option when a visible pattern that is translucent, rather than opaque, is needed

UV-coated glass – creates a contrasting pattern that birds can see, but which is much less visible to humans. Only available in certain markets.

*This product range is currently not offered in the Asia-Pacific region, but is available in the Americas region.

End-of-life glass recycling opportunities

We are constantly developing solutions to increase the amount of external cullet in our float batch, including post-consumer cullet.

Post-consumer cullet is purchased from professional glass recycling companies. Different types are tested and where possible implemented at an industrial scale.

In the process of recycling existing façades, Guardian Glass can:

  • facilitate communication amongst stakeholders at all project stages
  • involve appropriate cladders / recycling partners
  • recycle processed cullet into new flat glass

Retrofitting & façade recycling

After two decades out of use the Castellana 77 in Madrid, Spain, was given a new lease of life from an innovative new façade. Guardian SunGuard® SN 70/41 was combined with additional solar protection from 60cm fins, providing additional shade (separated from the main façade by a 15cm gap for maintenance and cleaning). With completion of the restoration, the building is a leader in terms of energy efficiency and environmental profile and has received the prestigious LEED Platinum certification.